JAM Villa Cleaning & Management Services


Villa Management

First impressions mean a lot in the holiday rental business and we at JAM Villa Management will ensure that your villa will always be presented at its best.

As they say "You only get one chance to make a first impression!"

Villa Cleaning

You can be assured that every time you or your guests arrive at the villa that it will be spotlessly clean.  Our aim is to ensure that from the very first moment you or your guests step inside the villa that it is prepared and the cleaning is completed to a very high standard.

Exterior Villa Cleaning

We will clean and hose down the terrace, patio, BBQ and al fresco areas on all changeover cleans.  We will also ensure the windows are kept clean.

Laundry Services

We will take care of all your laundry requirements and each time your guests arrive at the villa they will be greeted with clean fresh towels and bed linen.  

We will change towels and/or bed linen as instructed by you and can advise on recognised patterns for doing this if you are uncertain yourself.


We can also provide a villa security check service, which can be carried out at a pre determined schedule, tailored to your individual requirements.

General information Packs & Welcome Packs

We will supply an information pack with useful local information and we will also include information and instructions unique to your villa.

We can organise and supply a Welcome Pack for your guests be this a basic pack or bespoke to your specific requirements.

JAM Villa Management Services


24 Hour Emergency Contact Number

We are contactable 24/7, 365 days a year and our telephone numbers will be clearly displayed in your villa for your guests to see. 

We provide a 24hr emergency call out service for your total peace of mind, although we would appreciate non emergency calls are kept within normal office hours.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements...

We know that it can be a very difficult decision as to which Villa Management company to entrust your villa to, especially when you are thousands of Kilometres away.  

At JAM Villa Management we hope that we can help to ease that burden and rest assured that we will always give 100% in the care of your villa and your guests.

JAM Villa Management Services

Useful information for new villa owners

A guide to towels and linen to purchase for a new villa.


The following information may be useful as a guide when purchasing items for your new holiday villa.

Towel Sizes

Everyone loves to have a nice big fluffy bath sheet!

Bath sheets 100 x 150cm

Hand towels 40 x 70 cm

We suggest all the towels to be the same colour, coloured towels, beige, brown or similar are best and if you can stay away from White /cream towels as on these the suntan cream and after sun cream guests use leaves a faint yellow stain on them even after you have washed them with stain remover at a high temperature so they will become un usable much quicker, but also remember the brighter they are the fastest they will fade!  

Bath mats -     Small towel like ones rather than the big fluffy ones as they take more washing and drying!

Tea towels -     Multi coloured as look better for longer.

Beach towels - Big in a multi coloured design.


Bed linen

We tend to advise a fitted sheet and a duvet cover and 4 pillowcases only.

All fitted sheets are better ie. no flat ones easier to make and look better, in white is the best as can be hot washed when necessary, coloured ones are okay but will look faded quicker. But these will get replaced more than anything so this is something to consider when pricing them!

Duvet covers - No velvet or satin shiny beads etc on the linen as nightmare for colours running, fading and ironing. Duvet covers in a colour designs can be better than plain white as sometimes the suntan cream and after sun cream leave a faint yellow stain on the covers which are visible on plain white.

Throws for the beds are best for the summer months (we do not use the actual duvets between June – October) and a couple of dress pillows make all the difference on a photo.


Bed Sizes

IKEA bed sizes are 90cm, 140cm, 160cm & 180cm Wide and 200cm long.

Beds from Home Zentrum (and other places) can be 90cm,  140cm, 150cm, 160cm, 180cm and can be 190cm long or 200cm long.

Beds from UK are single are 90cm, Double 135 cm, King Size 150cm and super King 180cm.

So please make sure that the linen is the correct size for your mattresses, as a 10cm difference on a fitted sheet being too small is not going to fit on a mattress! This happens a lot with people buying a 160cm bed and then buying King Size sheets from the UK which are 150 cm, they are useless as will not fit! 

We always advise that if you are not sure of the length of your mattresses go for the 200cm long ones as this will work with either and can compensate if you have a very “thick/deep” mattress as well 


Pillowcase sizes

The IKEA pillowcases in the duvet packs are generally 60 x 50 cm (small pillows) and they sell these size pillows. 

IKEA Do have “normal” UK size pillows 80 x 50cm and pillowcases but at the moment IKEA LANZAROTE are not doing the pillow protectors in these sizes but the pillows come with the protectors on them so at least you will have one per pillow if you purchase new pillow in this size.

We do not use Spanish sized pillows or pillowcases ie the long thin ones.


We advise owners to have protectors on all mattress and pillow and to have some spare to allow your management company to be able to change these on a changeover day.


Happy shopping!