JAM Maintenance Services


Garden Maintenance

With the lovely weather that we experience here in Playa Blanca I am sure you will want your guests to enjoy the outside of your property as much as the inside and to help with that we also offer a basic gardening package.

This includes:-

The picking up of weeds and leaves.

Checking that all irrigation systems are working.

This is undertaken on a changeover day to ensure that your garden is clean and presentable for your guests arrival.

General Villa Maintenance

Should your villa require any maintenance work at any time we can arrange that for you. 

We have qualified electricians, painters and highly skilled maintenance personnel that can be called upon at a moments notice. 

If your guests encounter any problems or emergency during their stay at your villa, we can arrange for it to be rectified with the minimal amount of fuss and disruption to them.

Our main aim is to always try and ensure the smooth running of your Holiday villa and to maintain it at a very high level so that you and your guests enjoy it to its full potential.